You are not a ‘Medical Cannabis’ user.

Let’s change the face of Cannabis, but not by handing it over to the corporate masses.

Capitalistic Cannabis. Who knew, nature is illegal, until it starts making them money. The UK exports medicine containing tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol to other countries so it can be sold and administered as medicine, to both adults and children. Yet in the medicines origin country tetrahydrocannabinol is illegal, only referred to in the press by as THC or even more bizarrely Skunk, it’s demonised and actively blamed for many things such as schizophrenia and more generally the state of our broken state.

You are not a medical cannabis user. You are a cannabis user, if you don’t feel comfortable with that label, question yourself as to why. There is a stigma attached to smoking bud; you’re lazy, unmotivated, probably a thug or at least associate with one and they probably kicked an old lady in the face, because that’s what druggies do in the eyes of those people disapprovingly peeping over the tops of their newspapers. It needs to change because that’s not me, and I bet ten a penny it’s not you either. It’s all a massively unfair fucking shit show! That’s why I love Instagram, how open people are about their cannabis use, how diverse those people are. I feel it normalises cannabis and helps challenge the unfair image that is portrayed. We know people are reaping the medical benefits of cannabis, I am one of them but until it’s completely legal and we have the right to grow our own we are not a medical marijuana user. There’s hope all around us, other developed countries are creating a Medical framework around Cannabis that benefits their inhabitants. I support the dispensary model, but that’s not what we’re getting, we can go to our GP and hope they don’t hold those negative stereotypes and possibly be considered for a few cannabis derived medicines. For all the progress that is being made by the public pushing their need for cannabis to be readily available, we’re being offered the scraps from the table, embroiled once again in the Great British Trickle down effect that has placated the masses many times for many years. We’re so polite it’s engrained in us to be grateful for what we are given.

Well, it’s not enough. Cannabis IS medicine who let Man put a monopoly on nature?