My War On Weed Waste: Sticks and Stems

I set myself a little mission to use every part of the plant. This was as much about how awkward it is to dispose of the plant waste as it is about showing some things I thought were really cool and cute you can make from the stuff you’re putting in the *green bin for someone to potentially uncover.

Smudge sticks & pot puri.

Chop them up, dry them alongside Sage, Lavender and Rose (You’ll see me mention the last two a lot, they make for a cannabis terpene dream team). Bundle then together and carefully burn the sticks or simply leave the pretty petals in a bowl. This helps freshen and cleanse your home by releasing the most magically calming aromas.

Scent bags.

I deleted everything I wrote here because I realised that whilst it would be lovely to be able to carry a bag of lavender and cannabis to smell and reduce anxious feelings, it’s probably not the best idea, maybe hung from your bedpost instead because they’re still super cute.


Yep, you just need to put in the work but the way I see it years of button bashing prepped you well for mindless finger rolling. This isn’t going to be a quick thing but it’s worth doing, keep it in a little jar and add to it every time, it’ll end up a nice little bonus.


Unwind with a hot cup of cannabis tea or chai Chop your decarboxulated stems add them to 500ml water or milk/ milk substitute and bring it to a gentle, but not bubbling boil, stirring continuously. This should be done for seven or eight minutes as the fluid needs to reduce. Strain out your stems and return to the pot and gentle flame.

Plain cannabis tea can taste a bit rough so you might consider adding herbs or fruit.

Liquers or infused spirits

Spirits that are 40% proof or more can all dissolve the resin of cannabis. Decant your chosen alcohol into a mason jar for easy adding of new and straining of old stems. By the time another handful of stems is ready to add the old ones have given up their treasures to the mix. This little project may take a few months and a few handfuls of stems for strengths to build, deffo a Christmas and birthdays kind of project.

Cannabis Stem Wick

Hemp wick is popular among health-conscious cannabis consumers who want to avoid harmful butane flames from lighters. This can make for an easy, homemade substitute and the process only takes a few minutes at most.

a.) Using your longest cannabis stems, strip the stems down to their fibers.

b.) Next, twist the fibers to form a rope.

c.) Dip the rope in beeswax.

And tadaaar! Your cannabis stem wick is ready to use. I’ve been wrapping mine around crystals so I can be mindful as I’m lighting up and they’re well extra.

*I don’t have sticks or a green bin