Un Named Strain – The Birth of Barry Wood

There was an Ikea advert a few years back that focused around the kitchen being the heart of your home and how at house parties the kitchen congregation turns into a group of high brow academics hashing out problems, sharing stories that ooze inner happiness. “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”. A topic that has come up more than once is strain names. As strains are bred and crossed our genetics are expanding at a fast rate, strain names are being assigned with little to no science and contrary to the stuck in the mud ‘Don’t change someone else’s formula’ feeling in my bones, I AM HERE FOR IT.

Last year I stumbled across a strain named Tina Burner and whilst it was nothing to do with me it brought me so much joy because my soul was rollin’ on the river with that proud little Mary. When we’ve discussed naming weed our contributions all have some sort of hidden meaning, something that’s personal to us and the strain, something that tells a story but theyre all light hearted, we’ve never reached a humour and plant biology crossover but I think ‘Chem zkit MK2 V8 with a subwoofer fitted’ would bang.

Anyway…. When True canna Genetics put these packs out where you had the chance to dub a strain without having to start a breeding journey yourself, I jumped at it for a Lockdown MK1 challenge.

True Cannabliss – Un named strain.

I chose to name this after Big Barry Wood. Who is Barry? Barry sparked the imagination of the internet during lockdown. How you might ask? By sitting on the edge of his bed looking wistfully off into the distance as his slab of meat (not slang for feet) dangles as free as we wish we all were. The memes have given me life!

What’s the correlation? The fan leaves during veg were massive, seriously big fat chodes, just like Barry

Barry blessed us with Two distinct phenos –
Barry #2 came through with a minty/ piney/ grape flavour.
Barry #3 is like its on steroids, tasting of super ripe red wine grapes & chemmy gas. All round the strain has been uplifting and calming, a rare and valuable combination.

Barry has been a pleasure and naming some regs a Male name didn’t seem to tempt fate too much, one male from 9 regular seeds.