Would You Put Weed Up Your Bum?

here’s why you probably should…

Oh My Days, what a question and its not really one I thought I’d be addressing in this manner either. It sounds odd, why are people putting piff in their poop shoot? It looks odd, like every time I think about weed suppositories I get that image of someone folding up a piece of paper with their opinion written on and shoving it up where the sun doesn’t shine but I have seen and heard about the positive effects of cannabis suppositories first hand. Whilst I know this is anecdotal I’ve found that listening to real life voices and lived experiences can be super valuable to bridge the gaps in scientific research around Cannabis. Sort of like turning normal cannabis conversations into a peer review but no doctorates required to participate because these people have been through it, theyve lived through it.

A a 35 year old piece of research says commercially available THC isn’t able to be absorbed by the rectum at all. This paper is was the most available and linked source for a long time, if you googled do cannabis suppositories work you’d likely find this high up or linked through in other articles – So if the science said no, why did people still do it?

The simple answer is everything points towards the fact your Colons Loves Cannabis. Wether THC is absorbed or not, the place you’re inserting them is a CB1 and CB2 receptor. Obviously I’m no scientist but putting cannabis on a cannabis receptor has got to be a good thing.

In 2018 saw ElSoh and team discovered that the concentration of THC in blood plasma after rectal administration was over 70% bioavailable, almost 2.5 times more than an orally ingested THC capsule. So more cannabis delivered into your system and there were no reports of intoxication for the subjects. The paper describes that the psychotropic effects are greatly reduced but more studies would be necessary to confirm this. Big steps are happening towards THC in water soluble form which would increase bio availability even more.

I ran a poll on my instagram asking the title question and the audience was split. There were people who wanted to look into it further, people who use CBD tampons and people who thought it was just gross putting anything near their own bum or it was a waste of weed. Rectal and vaginal suppositories have been around for years. Its a fast way to administer relief, fantastic to target the pelvic region and nerves in the lower back and legs. The potential of loosing psychotropic effects are beneficial to medical users who need to ingest large quantities of THC or who do not digest and absorb THC easily.

To make your own suppositories grate 2/3 cocoa butter and 1/3 coconut oil and melt in a double boiler, stir in cannabis oil till combined, pour into moulds to set or add them to veg cellulose capsules.