Runtz is Ruined – The rise of the added terpenes

UK Runtz

I will never be able to smoke Runtz in the same light again, I’m swapping lighters for torches you see. Runtz has been one of my top 10 strains in the last 10 years, it started as my Cali treat weed, then I expanded into pinks and whites and it all led up to the pinnacle of me copping the mightiest UK batch I’ve had the pleasure of coming across (pictured above) and that was in 2019. Maybe it’s partly down to the runs I have picked up after that just not hitting the same marks (no shade, I prolly don’t know you and mine is included) BUT I have a strong feeling that my love of this flower is about to be challenged by these little innocent looking canna derived terps.

CBD with Runtz terpenes

I have no idea where these Cannabis derived terpenes come from, I’ve never bothered to look because it feels more lab than land. If you want a high terpene or strain-specific profile you can wash and make hash but a simple way is infusing flower in coconut oil at temps and times that have been passed down my family through many many generations (and easily googleable) but it’s low and slow. So low and so slow that the flavour profile wants to romance you so hard it pulls out a ring and ask you to marry it because it wants to stick around you that much.

It’s always worked for me and if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? right?

Maybe. Well, sort of because I kind of fixed it by accident haven’t I? It’s CBD’s fault. I’ve not popped my prescription in (because I’m lazy and spending close to £600 for weed that’s imported from Israel makes me sad). Instead I’ve bought some CBD from CBD Extracts UK so I could dab some balance that resembles the 1:1 strain that I find really helpful. I bought some of their Terpsolate’s, the Runtz was in the basket and even though I was dubious I tried to keep an open mind, I told the little twat version of me that was screaming ‘its gonna taste like plastic’ in the back of my head to fuck off, dabbed and low and behold the dickhead was wrong, it didn’t taste of plastic. It tasted of, wait for it…. Runtz. Actual fruity fucking Runtz.

Flower will always have a special place in my heart but I do love a little dab. I’ve predominantly been smoking BHO types of extracts because I’ve been specifically trying to find the ‘cleanest’ product that’s financially viable for me. I feel like it’s less effort than growing it’s deffo less effort to buy it via a website than it is through a prescription dispensary route. Coupled with the price terpene infused stuff has all come along way and Im happy it has as its given me more choice… but fuck me, where’s the Renaissance hashionistas? The nation’s lungs need you, it’s your time to shine because washed and squished is Queen.