CRC is the devil in a blue dress

Obviously I enjoy dabs, dabs are my friend. I spent a few years where I would only smoke hash rosin but that was when I was smoking for recreational use (and I thought I was stush, lording it about in lipids). Rosin was my preference because it has the least amount of processing involved in it, like the GI diet but with cannabis extraction. Nowadays I am trying to find a more tailored high, one that benefits me on a therapeutic level whilst enabling me to swap out pharmaceutical medicines for my favourite little plants and BHO has played a big part of that freeing magic. Butane hash oil is relatively easy to source in the UK and we have some very good extractors but you should do your research, you want someone who uses a closed loop system, there’s no excuse to be open blasting in a tube in this day and age, might as well do your own extraction with acetone over a toaster. Even though I can source a high quality BHO I still wanted to hunt down some CRC I don’t know of any UK extractors using CRC, maybe that’s down to stigma but it has meant I’ve had to look for something imported from a US dispensary. I asked around and the legend that is Squirrel Sleeves pointed me in the direction of someone in Manchester that stocks what I was after. I was already had high hopes and it lived up to them. It was crisp and tasty as fuck too.

What is it?

CRC stands for colour remediation column and it can be used as an extra step in making BHO, it pretty much does what it says on the tin. BHO extraction is fairly clean but there can be some plant residues left behind that might darken the colour or tange the taste, and in steps the column. After the oil is run through you’re left with a purer high quality end product and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t completely remove aroma and flavour profiles. In fact a colour remediation column can be used for targeted isolation of terpenes and flavonoids.

Side note – When I talk about clean I’m referring to plant matter not dirt or grime.

Gas -> bud -> silica&clay -> oil

So why are people slagging it?

Gosh, it’s a tricky one that. CRC is not for the purists. It’s become cool to hate on CRC because they saw someone put some Ben and Jerry’s in some ISO. I do have some idea of where these linear CRC is bad judgements come from. Some see color remediation as an opportunity to mask a lower-quality end product as one that’s higher quality. This means all CRC is being judged by what “Dirty John” down the road is throwing out. No one knows if “Dirty John” even exists but he is pushing through some shite flower and trim that’s been grown by a slave or mouldy and sprayed. It’s just to make his work look nice and get a few extra quid. That’s not CRC at all and this trope is more irresponsible than me calling bullshit on this opinion because it has been formed around unconscious biases that cannabis users and growers are scumbags. Imagine cannabis users being the people who are casting negative stereotype about our extractors because we’re not legal. HAHAHA GET IN THE BIN 🚮

I was told I was irresponsible for sharing information on CRC and whilst I might not be in possession of all my faculties I am not wet behind the ears and you can rest assured I’ve been pulling my big girl knickers up for years. If someone does something because I do it that isn’t on me I’ve got enough responsibilities without getting guilted that somebody might jump in a fire because I did it first and said it’s not fire it’s glitter you’ll look pretty. Surely you would have looked at what is fire and what is glitter before you jump in feet first? Maybe I’m wrong and they’re right and you are all actually fucking idiots incapable of independent thought but we know you’re not. Do your research, ask around and as always look after yourself.