Tips to take your cannabis balm to the next level – Anti aging scrub

You have your canna balm, it’s ace, it provides relief, makes you supple and you slather yourself in this luxury regularly and your self care routine is absolutely banging… So don’t stop there.

I know it’s a closely guarded Cannabis secret but Canna Balms were invented in the year 1420 by the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers so it’s not surprising that with a little effort ITS MORPHIN TIME.

Coffee and cannabis scrub

  • Melt the balm in a double boiler
  • Add half a cup of coffee grinds
  • Half a cup of coarse sugar
  • 20 dried and ground Rosehips
  • 20ml sweet almond oil (can be substituted for another carrier oil)
  • Vitamin E

Stir it up and boom

We all know coffee and cannabis are the dream team of dreams but mixed together with a few cupboard staples and this becomes the ultimate exfoliation station. the sugar softly scrubs away dead skin cells allowing the coffee to work its temporary skin tightening wonders. The rosehips are in for a little bit of both, exfoliation and it’s skin benefits. Rosehips are little balls of concentrated vitamins, Both vitamin A and C are found in rosehips in high levels. Vitamin A is anti aging so that’s where we went with this. A charging attack at my huge botoxless forehead.

Vitamin E is great for your skin too but it’s in here as a preservative, it will keep your scrub stable for a few weeks, provided it lasts that long.