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Hi, I’m a Mammy to three beautiful children and a bajillion plant babies. I am passionate about cannabis and my favourite thing is encouraging and helping people to GROW YOUR OWN.

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I was previously a food writer, I worked for a busy Manchester based online publication and offered freelance social media management to some wonderful brands. Then I had a breakdown, I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar for years but this crisis hit me hard. It opened my eyes to the toxicity I’d surrounded myself with, it made me see that mental health only mattered when I wrote about it not when it was presented raw and real life rather than wrapped in a nice piece of digital art of a quirky meme. So in 2017 I decided that my mental illness was something i could no longer hide for the comfort of others and I threw myself back into growing and trying to adapt and transfer those skills into an outdoors job that not only benefits me but the community around me. After a few years hard work whilst I stitched my head back on this is what I do when I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband.

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